Gongs for our suppliers

December 1, 2009

A blinding newsflash from the BBC Food and Farming awards.

The winner of the Best Food Producer award comes from over the border in neighbouring Monmouthshire and we’ve recently started using their produce. Trealy Farm Charcuterie (www.trealyfarm.com) is the model of a modern food business: combining traditional breeds and methods with modern technology. These guys have wandered around Europe learning from traditional charcutiers in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. They don’t try to replicate recipes, but look to make products that work well over here. And, boy, they do. Congratulations to them.

A Special Judges’ mention in the same category went to Julian Temperley’s Somerset Cider Brandy whose benefits we have been extolling and trialling for nearly four years now. This stuff is no gimmick: it matches up in pleasure to anything Normandy can offer. Simply delicious.