Sustainability at the top of our agenda

February 26, 2010

The Griffin is very happy to be a Launch Member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) which launches today nationwide.

Funded by charitable organisations and the lottery, this not-for-profit organisation is going to be a real boost for restaurants trying to lighten the footprint they make on their communities and the environment. It will provide expertise to chefs and restaurants owners and a standard assessment system that will be readily understandable by consumers.

However strong our principles in relation to sustainability, however sensible our policies, experience tells me that we never quite achieve all we want to. There’s always a supplier who lands us with absurd amounts of polystyrene packaging, there’s always a moment in the day when our energy usage seems excessive and I can’t help but look at our fish and wonder how many friends he has left behind in the ocean. I really hope that the SRA will give us the impetus to be as good as we can in this area.

One the things we will be looking to do is link up with other restaurants in the area to see where we can jointly mitigate our impact on the environment. If any hotelier or restauranteur is interested in learning more, please do be in touch at


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