Last call for 7th May

April 30, 2010

A nudge in the ribs…..

Our Spring 2010 wine dinner is next Friday and we just the one table left. £55 a head for five courses and wines from around the New World. Terrific value and easy fun. No decisions to make about what to eat or drink, just settle back at the end of a busy week and enjoy yourselves.

Julie is in charge of bookings and can be found at or 01874 620 111.


News from the hutch

April 15, 2010

Our chickens were overheard chatting amongst themselves this morning as we took this photo….

“Eggcellent news that we’ve got these new chicks. We need some help if we’re to lay enough for breakfast at the Griffin.”

“Yes, it’s all very well them asking for scrambled this and fried that, but they have no idea how difficult it is for us.”

“Well, well, that’s enough standing around chatting. I’m off to read some chick-lit.”

After the coldest winter in 30 years it finally looks like spring is on the way. Things are starting to happen in the Griffin’s Kitchen Garden.

The over wintered salad has fared well in the tunnels with plenty of wild rocket, lambs lettuce and mizuna being cropped now. The spinach (Giant Winter, Sponsor and Regiment) I planted out in the tunnels in early September is looking and tasting good with plenty going to the kitchen.

I am relieved that the peas sown at the end of March are coming up as they are one of the crops that we most look forward to. I always worry that the mice are going to annihilate them before they have a chance. They have had the odd nibble but luckily left them be. The peas are a dwarf variety called “Small Telephone” and I must say I have never tasted a finer pea, so am very much looking forward to harvesting these at the beginning of July.

In the greenhouse, the tomatoes, leeks, onions, beetroot, salsify, cabbages, cauliflower and calabrese are all looking good with some interesting varieties too.

Oh, and finally plenty of rhubarb (see above) this year.