Peculiar customers.

June 29, 2010

We try to record for posterity the more interesting calls we take or guests we serve. This one is priceless and was related to me the other day by one of our team.

I answered the phone and the voice said what I imagined was “Can you cook for me?”

“Of course we can sir, our restaurant is open between……”…

“No, no….. Can you cook me?”

“I am really sorry sir, but it sounds like you’re saying ‘can you cook me’”.

“Yes that is what I am saying, do you have a large oven, I need a large oven”

“Do you mean you want us to cook something for you, like a roasting joint?”

“No I want you to cook me, I am 6ft 2 and 14 stone, do you think I will fit in your oven?”

“I am sorry sir but we don’t do that sort of thing here. If you would like to eat with us in our restaurant then please do”. At which point he hung up.

For the record, the oven would not have been big enough.


Date for the diary: Friday 9th July……

…..our first Kitchen Garden evening at the Griffin. A tour around Joe Hand’s raised beds followed by a barbecue on the lawn with meat from Paddy Sweeney, leaves and fruit from the garden, washed down by cocktails with garden ingredients.

Take advantage of Joe’s experience in gardening with organic principles in the difficult climate of the Beacons. Find out what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. See our rows of peas (variety: Small Telephone), broad beans, strawberries and salads, all of which will be being harvested at the beginning of July.

Only £10 per head for an hour or so of time with Joe and then the barbecue. Remarkable value, we think. If you can’t make 9th July, we will be repeating the evening on 20th August