Ah… Here’s one.

We always said that the Brecon Beacons was “Scotland without the midges”. Well, 2011 may well now be the year when that means something.

A number of Scotland based bodies are forecasting that the midge invasion this year will be 800 times worse than usual. And the “usual” is not exactly agreeable.

It isn’t our style to spend too much time thinking about the travails of our competitors, but I can’t help but wonder if this might be the year when visitors begin to foresake Scotland for the equal merits of Wales.

Back to scratching my head. Though not as much as they will up north in the summer.


Hop it

March 3, 2011

Are we sure that a Head Chef is in the list of prescribed ingredients for this brew?

This Friday sees our inaugural British Drinks Producers dinner.

The scarcity of population in our part of world makes it difficult to attract many to our wine dinners, but this one has touched something in our guests and all our tickets were sold as of last week. A sensible price certainly helps. £39.50 for five courses matched with liquid refreshment from the best of British booze.

Three beers from our local Breconshire Brewery, including “One for the Road”, brewed especially for us to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. The team, led by Assistant Manager Rhodri Morgan, have played a big part in developing the beer, which includes a decent slug of apple juice from Talybont’s Aber Valley Fruits, and which will continue to be on sale at the Griffin for a few weeks after the drinks evening.

And to match the canapes and the starter, an Elderflower Champagne and a perry from Polgoon Vineyard, which is close neighbour to The Gurnard’s Head.

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